Yes, I am aware how lame it is to write an entire blog post about my boyfriend. But, the things and topics I write about here On The Edge Of Everything are conversations I want to have because they are of importance to me, which Blaine (my boyfriend) is.


Blaine and I have been dating for just over two years, and I can honestly say the time I have spent with Blaine thus far has been the best time of my life. Everyone asks me how we met, expecting some cute and romantic story, but it’s really anything but. I actually added Blaine on Facebook one evening after my cousin, Hayden, had mentioned him to me – they were playing on the same hockey team at the time. Blaine’s name popped up on my newsfeed, and the name rang a bell, so I went to his profile and did some mild creeping. What can I say, I liked what I saw, and I sent him a friend request. He certainly was not shy, and he accepted my request immediately and sent me a message saying “Hello” about two minutes after that. We have been talking ever since.

Blaine is one year older than me, and about ten years less mature, but that’s one of the things I love about him the most – his ability to make me laugh no matter what the situation (even when I am mad at him and don’t want to laugh). He is so goofy and hilarious and never fails to make me smile. He has the greatest hair on planet Earth, and his laugh is probably his most popular characteristic. Let’s just say it’s the type of laugh that makes everyone around him laugh.

Blaine lives and works on his family’s cattle farm, and he also has a full-time job at a Quarter Horse Farm, so he is definitely a farm boy. He wakes up, goes to work all day, comes home, and works at home on his own farm, and you never hear him complain. He is such an incredibly hard worker, and has a heart of absolute gold.


He is also an athlete. He played hockey all throughout his childhood, his position being defence, and last year was actually his final year playing representative hockey for his hometown. The only reason it was his final year was because there is an age limit for the team he was playing on, so now he is playing in a recreational league with a bunch of his close friends. He plays baseball in the summer months, his position being outfield, and plays for both a men’s and co-ed team.

I can’t really pinpoint one exact reason why I love Blaine as much as I do. There are many reasons, and the boy is my world. He is far from perfect, as am I, so our relationship still has some definite progress to be made. But we have come a long way already, and I know the progress will continue.

I would never have thought that adding Blaine on Facebook would have lead to where are today, but I am so very grateful I did. He has helped me to see things from a different perspective, and has encouraged me to work on parts of myself that need improvement. I do the same for him. He is my rock, and I know I can go to him and ask for advice or guidance or just a shoulder to cry on whenever I need him.

He is my comeback kid.

– Lauren

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