My goal when I came up with the idea to start a blog was to ensure that I wrote a post daily, which so far I have been doing, and am furthermore really enjoying.

I do admit, however, sometimes it is challenging for me to come up with topics that I think are worth discussing with you.

In terms of deciding on what I am going to blog about on a given day, I try to consider things that interest me, but also things that are interesting to you – you wonderful people who read my blog.

For example, I would love to write a blog post all about the different sorts of snacks I eat, but I feel as though that is not exactly a riveting topic for anyone reading it. If you’re curious, though, try peanut butter and apples. It is quite scrumptious.

I strongly believe that in order for writing to be strong and additionally intriguing, the author or writer needs to be discussing something they are passionate about. Anyone can sit down and write about the weather, for example, but unless the weather is something that really turns your crank, the writing most likely is not going to be too intensely captivating.

That is one of my biggest struggles with studying English in university. While I love reading and writing, I encounter a lot of challenges when I am expected to write an essay about a novel I simply did not enjoy reading. If I didn’t like the novel, chances are my professor isn’t to like my essay. It’s as simple as that.

Undoubtedly, that is the way the world works, and by no means am I trying to propose that students should be granted unlimited possibility in terms of topic selection for English essays. That would probably be really interesting for professors, though. One minute they could be reading an essay about cheese, and the next minute they could be reading an essay about cats.

There certainly would not be a lack of variety.

I guess what I am trying to say is that while I understand that writing essays on novels assigned to students in English university programs is mandatory, and done so for a reason, it certainly hinders the quality of essays being written by students.

What are your thoughts on inspiration and its relation to writing? Leave me a comment below and we can chat. :)

– Lauren

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