I feel as though it is a prerequisite to like country music if you live on a farm or out in the country.

Regardless if this is true or not, I am not complaining. I love country music, and apart from the occasional pop or folk song, it’s the only kind of music I listen to, along with rock.

One thing that bothers me about the country music industry nowadays is how most of the country music being produced isn’t even country music. A majority of country songs being released today have a heavy pop sound to them, meaning I don’t really see how they can even be categorized as country. Take Luke Bryan, for instance. Before you attack me, I want to make it clear that I like a lot of Luke Bryan’s music – as pop music, though, not country. Luke Bryan identifies himself as a country music artist, but a lot of his recent songs sound more like pop music than anything to me, which I think is a little sad, because true and authentic country music is becoming harder to come by.

Other than their newest song Beautiful Drug, which I am not a fan of, The Zac Brown Band has always been a favourite of mine and sing of my all time favourite country songs. I went to see them perform in concert a couple of years ago in Toronto, and they were fantastic. Some of my favourite songs by them include Colder Weather, Lovin’ You Easy, Settle Me Down, Chicken Fried, Whatever It Is, and Highway 20 Ride.

Another country artist I love is Jason Aldean, but again, his more recent music is too pop-sounding for me. His older stuff is gold, though. Tattoos On This Town, Church Pew Or Bar Stool, Hicktown, and Amarillo Sky are a few of my favourite Jason Aldean songs.

Maren Morris just released My Church, and it is phenomenal. Her voice and song is the authentic country sound I love, and if you haven’t heard My Church yet, please go check it out! Here’s the link for the video:

Kip Moore, Tim McGraw, Shania Twain, Alan Jackson, Dallas Smith and Garth Brooks are a few of my other favourite country artists.

Comment below and tell me about your favourite music and artists! :)

– Lauren

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