University Rant

Pardon me while I just go on a fairly extensive rant about the ways in which things are marked in university.

I think it is such bullshit that one individual has complete power over your mark in a course. If the person marking your work happens to disagree with your opinion, or does not like your writing style, or is even just in a shitty mood when they decide to mark your work, you’re screwed. The entire fate of an assignment and the mark you receive is in the hands of a person you have zero familiarity with.

Sometime you can contest your mark, and go and talk to the person who marked it and ask them if they had shit cereal for breakfast. They might be really nice and wonderful and understanding and change your mark, or allow you to revise your work and resubmit it. Or, they will be a total asshole and refuse to change your mark, simply because they do not want to sacrifice time out of their own lives to give you the mark you probably actually deserve. I like to refer to these people as something I probably should not publicly post on the internet.

The thing that really grinds my gears is how a majority of TAs and professors are entirely aware of the fact that a lot of students are trying to get the average they need to be eligible for either a scholarship or a Masters program or a PHD. And no, I am not saying to go easy on these kids, and to just give them better marks because they want to spend more time in school. But I am saying that the folks who mark our work were STUDENTS ONCE JUST LIKE US AND OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD UNDERSTAND THAT A LOT OF US ARE TRYING TO GET WHERE THEY ARE ONE DAY.

Something seriously needs to be changed in terms of how things are marked in university. I once received a 60% on an essay because my TA did not like my use of a specific word. I took my essay to my professor, who is such a wonderful man and granted me the opportunity to alter my essay and take the word out. I did, and my mark changed to a 75%. That’s a 15% difference, and it was total bullshit. Please explain to me how one word can rob me of 15%. Please. I would love to know.

If you have some opinions on my issue with the marking scheme in university, please comment below and share your thoughts with me!

– Lauren

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