Walmart: Hot or Not

For some reason, I have never had a high respect for Walmart. I think my reasoning for not appreciating Walmart Super Centres is a result of knowing that Walmart, for the longest time, did not support local farms and farmers. A majority of their produce was shipped internationally, coming from places such as Mexico and Chile, and I have a hard time respecting grocers who fail to support local produce.

Last week on my way back to school, I needed some groceries. I was headed back to St. Catharines on Easter Sunday, and I did not realize that a majority of stores were closed. I know, pretty obvious. Anyways, I had no food back at my place, and I needed to find a grocer that was open to grab some things to get me through the week. After a quick google search to see what was open on Easter Sunday, one answer came up – Walmart.

I was pretty reluctant to go to Walmart for reasons I list above, however I was in a pinch, and desperate times call for desperate measures. So, I bit the bullet and went to Walmart to grab some things, and I was pleasantly surprised. I am not sure when Walmart started to sell local produce and support local growers, but a lot of the produce I purchased from this particular Walmart store in Niagara Falls was local. Obviously, this time of year tends to present rather limited local produce because planting season is just beginning, but I was still taken aback at how much of the produce was local. I can now say I have been converted in my negative views of Walmart.

Not only was the produce selection a positive, but the amount of money I saved for a week’s worth of groceries blew my mind. I typically shop at Sobey’s, but I can definitely say that from now on I will be purchasing my food for school from Walmart whenever possible. I saved over $60.00 in one week by shopping as Walmart as opposed to Sobey’s, meaning a lot of saving over the course of the school year.

If you’re like me and tend to hold onto judgments without attempting to determine whether or not such judgments are valid, try to challenge yourself and check out something new. You may surprise yourself.

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