Product Review: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation

I have been on the hunt for a reliable and above-average foundation for quite some time now. Having oily skin, the main thing I look for in a foundation is oil control, but ingredients are also of great importance to me. I have oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin, meaning it can be difficult to find a foundation that provides good coverage without clogging your pores, and furthermore stays put all day long.

For a while I was using the Loreal Infallible foundation, and while it wasn’t bad by any means, there were some ingredients in the product that are not good for people with acne-prone skin. Just a word of warning, even if a product claims it is oil-free, it can still contain comedogenic ingredients, meaning ingredients that can clog pores. Always do your research before hand to ensure a product is suitable for you skin type.

After reading many online reviews, I decided to check out the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation. This product can be a little difficult to find, because only Sephora stores carry it. I found mine at the Bay, though it is available for purchase at Sears and other department stores as well.

My foundation is in the shade Fresco, and I also purchased the compact powder in the medium shade to use with my foundation. According to its description on, this product offers “15-Hour staying power. Flawless all day. This worry-free, long-wearing makeup stays fresh and looks natural through heat, humidity, nonstop activity. Won’t change color, smudge or come off on clothes. Feels lightweight and comfortable. Now the flawless look you see in the morning is the look you keep all day. Oil-free. Fragrance-free.” You get 30ml for $45.00, so the product is definitely expensive.

The coverage of this foundation is great, and it is buildable, meaning you can add more in areas that need some more concealing. While it does not remain shine-free for 15 hours on my skin, it does hold out for about 8 hours, which is better than most foundations I have tried. The thing about this foundation that I appreciate the most is that it is non-acneaic, meaning it will not clog pores. It is good for your skin and blends beautifully.

Have you tried this product? If so, tell me about it!

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