Food Intolerances

As I mentioned in a post a while ago, I am unable to consume dairy and milk products because of the havoc they wreak on my stomach. Not to be too detailed, but if I eat anything with a high content of dairy ingredients, I get gassy, bloated, and experience fairly strong abdominal pains. It’s very difficult to avoid foods with dairy and milk in them, considering a majority of foods have such ingredients in them.

I was recommended by my doctor to have a food intolerance test done to see if there are any other foods that may be contributing to my stomach issues, and lone behold there are many more. According to the intolerance test, dairy and milk are the worst for my body, but I also have a high intolerance for gluten, yeast, corn, and some other proteins like a couple of nuts and beans.

So, in simple terms, my diet has become incredibly restricted in terms of what I can and cannot consume.

At first I was pretty bummed. Avoiding dairy was hard enough, but learning I had to avoid yeast and gluten as well was definitely discouraging. My Mom and I went to a Whole Foods in Oakville this past week, and we spoke to an employee about the best products to purchase that are free of wheat – commonly categorized as gluten free. One brand that has really exceeded my expectations is Udi’s. They specifically create gluten-free breads and other carbohydrate-based products like muffins, buns and cookies, and their stuff tastes great. Their chocolate muffins as well as their blueberry muffins are super tasty, and their bread tastes far better than I assumed it would.

Having intolerances to gluten, yeast and dairy is certainly difficult, but it is not impossible to deal with. My intolerances are a result of my eating disorder from several years ago, and yes, it definitely sucks, but there are so many resources available today for people who require access to them. Do your research and see what best suits your needs, and remember you are not alone!

I have found that gluten free carbohydrates actually fill me up more than other wheat breads. I guess there is a silver lining in everything!

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