Practicing Self Love

Being a young woman in today’s society, I often find myself falling victim to the temptation of negative thoughts. It is so easy to get trapped in your own mind and self-doubt sometimes, which is why it is essential to exercise self love and appreciation. It might sound cheesy, but it is so crucial to be conscious of the things you like about yourself. Constant disapproval and criticism of you as an individual eventually results in believing in such disapproval and criticism. I’ve come up with a few examples of negative thoughts I find myself thinking, and have developed some alternative options to such thoughts that nurture and recognize positivity as opposed to enforcing negativity.

Body image is a huge component of reasoning for negative thinking. Sometimes, when I am in the mood to munch on something sweet or indulgent, I catch myself thinking ‘I shouldn’t eat this. I will regret it tomorrow.” When these types of thoughts creep into my head, I push them aside, and try to focus on more positive thoughts, like “I really want this, so I will have it. I deserve to treat myself.” It is important to balance a healthy diet alongside treating yourself when it is deserved, and by keeping in mind that I am able to have something indulgent if I wish to do so, it is easier to shove aside the negativity and embrace positivity.

Another example of negative thinking I experience is thoughts along the lines of “I can’t do this”. Whenever I begin to think this way, and start to feel overwhelmed, I tell myself “Okay, maybe you can’t do this right now, but in time you can accomplish this.” I feel as though by acknowledging that I am stressed, but not letting it consume me, I can handle the situation much more efficiently and focus on a realistic goal.

Next time you’re standing in front of a mirror or your reflection, look yourself in the eyes and say “I love myself.” Yes, you will probably feel ridiculous and embarrassed, but if you tell yourself something enough, you will start to believe it. In a society filled with negativity and judgment, you owe yourself a couple of positive thoughts.

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