The Importance of Sleep

I have noticed that since being back to work on my parents’ farm, I am significantly more tired at the end of the day than I was throughout the school year. I am waking up much earlier, though still getting to bed around the same time I did when I was in school, and I think it is starting to take its toll.

I thought I would write a post on the importance of sleep, and provide a few facts about the numerous benefits sleep has for the human body. The facts I reference all come from the National Sleep Foundation Website, so if you would like to do some more extensive research on your own, this is their link: The website states that sleep is equivalent in importance to diet and exercise, which I believe to be true, and to be honest, who doesn’t like sleep?

One fact that caught my attention is that there is evidence that a change in season can tremendously impact an individuals’ sleeping patterns. According to the National Sleep Foundation website, altering light patterns as well as temperatures that present themselves with the coming and going of season can influence the ways in which we sleep, for better and for worse. Just another advantage of Canadian winters I suppose.

The website mentioned a fact that certainly has relevance to me: Persons who get less sleep are likely to experience greater levels of hunger than a person who gets enough sleep in a night. Apparently sleep deprivation can cause leptin levels in the human body to plummet, with leptin being an appetite regulating hormone. Perhaps this explains why I have a monstrous appetite more often than not.

According to the website, scientists still have yet to determine if animals are able to dream whilst they sleep. Personally I like to think that they can – I think it explains why dogs tend to twitch while they slumber. I have decided they do this because they are running in a dream. Perfectly logical, I know.

Again, check out the National Sleep Foundation website to educate yourself on sleep and why it is so important to health overall. I know I will be getting some extra zzzzzzz’s tonight!


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