How to Appear More Awake in 3 Simple Steps

Few things are worse than when you wake up after a decent night’s sleep, peer into the mirror with groggy, goober-filled eyes, and see that you look as though you haven’t slept since the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. It happens to the best of us. It can be a huge inconvenience, however, when you are in a rush to get places, or if you need to look rejuvenated and energetic for an event or something of the sort. I have discovered three tricks that work for me personally in terms of allowing me to appear more awake, and I am confident that they will work for you as well.

(1) Fill in your eyebrows. Not many individuals recognize this as a trick to appear more awake, but I have found that it works wonder for me. Simply filling in my own brows with some powder and combing them through with a spooly makes a world of difference. Darker brows, for me personally, give my eyes an extra spark and allow me to come across as energized and enthusiastic as opposed to exhausted and semi-conscious.

(2) Pat some shimmery eye shadow, or highlight, into the inner corner of your eye. I use the highlight in my Maybelline contour pallet, though any shimmery shadow or highlighter, preferably in powder form, will do the trick. Adding a metallic sheen to the inner corner of the eye allows it to appear wider and brighter, meaning you look more awake as a result.

(3) Smoke out your lower lash line. I would definitely recommend using this trick along with some mascara, but even some dark eye shadow along the lower lash line alone will be a miracle worker for your tired eyes. A deep brown eyeshadow or even a bronzer will work. Simply pick up the product on the end of a slanted brush and glide it along the lower lash line, just below where your eyelashes begin. Having a bit of colour on your eyes communicates the message that you were awake early enough to do something creative with your eyes, even if this is not the case.

These are my 3 top tricks for ensuring I seem more awake in the morning when I simply did not get enough sleep. Try them out, and let me know how they worked for you!

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