5 Things You Can Start Doing to Live A Happier Life

As I have previously mentioned in numerous posts here On The Edge of Everything, being positive and having an optimistic attitude in regards to your life is key in order to be truly content. So often negativity lures us into its tempting hold, and it can be difficult to break free from a pessimistic perspective. I have 5 tips I myself abide by in order to encourage myself to see things in a more constructive context as opposed to a critical one, and I hope they can be of use to you as well.

(1) Be grateful for what you have. Often times, when in the midst of a negative slump, simply reminding yourself of the things you have or have access to is a powerful reminder of many individuals who are less fortunate than you and your current problem. Always acknowledge the blessings you have, and never take them for granted.

(2) Recognize that all persons are fighting their own battles. When I personally begin to feel overwhelmed with any circumstance in my life, I remind myself that all persons have a battle of their own they are busy battling. It allows me to take a step back, re-analyze the situation, and proceed more positively.

(3) Be polite. In today’s day and age, manners are unfortunately becoming a thing of the past, and exercising the use of manners is one way to make you feel better about the way you communicate yourself as a person.

(4) Dont hesitate to apologize. When in an argument with an individual, try your best to say sorry when you know you are at fault. It may be embarrassing and seem like an inconvenience, but the acknowledgement of your error will allow the situation to progress for the better.

(5) Smile. It is such a rare thing to have a random stranger smile at you on the street, but when it does happen, it is a pleasant gesture than can totally transform your day and mood. Simply being friendly and kind to others is an undoubtable way to feel happier about yourself.

These 5 simple tips have made a world of difference for me in my everyday life, and I hope they can do the same for you!

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