What’s ‘Trending’ On Facebook

If you’re an active person on Facebook, the ‘trending’ column on the right side of the screen should not be foreign to you. Sometimes, there are news worthy topics trending and being discussed, but I have noticed that a majority of what is trending is unfortunately celebrity news and/or gossip.

This is bothersome to me. I personally find it concerning that a majority of what is being discussed across social media is mindless celebrity news as opposed to significant events occurring across the globe that are being unacknowledged.

In more than one circumstance, I have clicked on the trending tab on Facebook to expand the results, and anything of importance, in my own opinion, tends to be located at the very bottom of the tab. Celebrity news and gossip is almost always at the very top of the trending tab.

Is this not an issue worth noting? Am I alone in my concern for this finding?

I interpret this finding negatively. To me, it signifies that persons are more interested and involved with the lives of celebrities and what new drama has festered in the world of Hollywood as opposed to global issues, for example natural disasters, politics, or human rights issues.

The longer I am an active user of social media, the more disappointed I become. While there is an occasional topic of discussion that is interesting and important within the trending tab, it is a rare occurrence. Social media (specifically Facebook in this instance) has become completely obsessed with the lives of celebrities, to the point where there is no other news being discussed or addressed.

It would definitely be refreshing to log onto Facebook and see something trending that does not have to do with the Kardashians. Perhaps I have high hopes, but I would argue that I am not the only persons that feels this way.

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