Why Germs Are Underrated

When most persons hear the term ‘germ’, they tend to cringe, or automatically think negative of it without any hesitation. This is understandable, considering germs have a poor reputation, but it is essential to acknowledge that germs are not necessarily always a bad thing.

As society continue to progress, more and more individuals are becoming conscious of bacteria and how to refrain from spreading it. New diseases develop, and the spread of such diseases makes people weary. However, being too much of a germaphobe can actually have serious implications on a persons’ health, and it can wreak more havoc to a persons’ immune system than one might think.

When someone is a germaphobe, it means they have a fear of germs and contamination. Arguably there are more severe cases than others when it comes to germaphobia, but I personally believe having an obsession in regards to avoiding germs and coming into contact with them is more dangerous than exposing yourself to them.

Think logically for a moment. Prior to the development of antibiotics, individuals relied on remedies like herbs and plants to cure their ailments. I am not arguing that antibiotics should be diminished from the health care system, nor am I arguing that we should go back to the ways of our ancestors and strictly use natural medicine to overcome sickness. I am arguing that there needs to be an equilibrium between antibiotics and natural medicine in the health care system, because far too many people are being prescribed antibiotics when not necessary.

With antibiotics being over-prescribed to persons, there is now an issue of antibiotic intolerance. In short, germs have essentially learned how to resist the antibiotics a person consumes because they have developed a resilience to repeated and improper uses of antibiotics. Antibiotics are necessary in situations that involve bacterial infections, but are not necessary, however, in situations involving viral infections such as the common cold or the flu.

I strongly believe people need to lower their guard against germs in order to build a stronger immune system overall. This is my own personal opinion, but I apply this philosophy to my own life, and it seems to be working for me.


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