Oregano Oil: Your Immune System’s Best Friend

While oregano as a spice is a tasty addition to various culinary dishes, consuming oregano oil is an entirely different story. Oregano oil is approximately one million times stronger in taste than the traditional spice, in my opinion, and it leaves a rather foul aftertaste in your mouth.

However, despite the unappealing taste of oregano oil, it can be very advantageous to an individuals’ immune system. In my house, whenever anyone is starting to feel ill, or can feel a cold coming on, we reach for the oregano oil in an attempt to halt the cold from progressing, and it usually works.

According to an article on http://www.HuffingtonPost.com by Terri Coles, oregano oil has quite a respectable reputation in the medical world. The oil can provide relief from numerous ailments and sicknesses by being consumed with a glass of water or juice, and you can even get creative with the stuff and add a few drops to a diffuser.

There is evidence that oregano oil can provide relief from gastrointestinal issues, the common cold, toenail fungus, dandruff, joint pain, muscle aches and even cold sores. To extend its respectable reputation even further, the oil contains a compound called carvacrol which is a natural insect repellent, meaning it is a chemical-free bug spray. What more could you ask for from this stuff?


The recommended way to consume oregano oil is to mix one part oregano oil with three parts liquid. Diluted and undiluted forms of the oil are available for purchase in many health food and vitamin shops, but never consume undiluted oil or apply it to any region of the body. You should always dilute the oil in some way.

Oregano oil should be used as a short-term approach to any sort of ailment. You should not take oregano oil for anymore than ten consecutive days, and if the ailment you are using the oregano oil for is not clearing up, stop using it and see your physician.

Prior to experimenting with this oil, get in touch with your physician and ensure it is a safe approach for your own body and health.


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