Volunteer Work

I feel as though the importance of volunteers and volunteer work is consistently overlooked.

Often times, the hard work executed by individuals who volunteer their time to provide aid to an organization or company is misinterpreted as work done by individuals who actually work for such organization or company. I believe this misperception is a result of persons being unaware of the amount of volunteer work that exists in many businesses.

I have done some volunteering for different organizations in the past few years. I used to volunteer at the International Villages Festival in Brantford for the Hungarian Village, but then I became a dancer myself, so time for volunteering was next to impossible. I am not dancing this year, so I will be volunteering once again. When you stop to think about it, you become aware of the tremendous work that is invested by volunteers into events such as the International Villages Festival – without the work of these persons, such an event would likely not exist.

I recently became a volunteer journalist for the Brant division of The Canadian Cancer Society. My volunteer position at the Society involves running and operating different social media accounts for the Brant division via Facebook and Twitter, as well as writing profiles on the people who volunteer in the office. The purpose of writing profiles on these individuals is to bring attention to the hard work done by volunteers and to ensure their efforts are acknowledged by people outside of the society. I think this is such an incredible and efficient idea, and I am really looking forward to getting in touch with some fellow volunteers in order to learn more about them and unveil their commitment to the organization.

Unfortunately, volunteer work is sometimes seen as less important than paid work in regards to an organization. I believe it is essential to look past this inaccurate perception of volunteer work, and to start better appreciating the volunteer work countless individuals provide to organizations.

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