Strep Throat

As I lay here in my bed, as I have been throughout the duration of the day because of a horrible illness called Strep Throat, I figured I may as well blog about it.

I woke up two days ago with a pretty sore throat, though I did not think anything of it. I simply presumed it was a result of my allergies, or perhaps even just a mild throat irritation that would be gone by the end up the day.

Well, I was certainly wrong in my interpretation of my sore throat, and after waking up yesterday morning being unable to speak or swallow, I determined it was time to visit a physician.

I was told I have strep throat, and I was not surprised considering the amount of pain I was experiencing in my throat. The doctor prescribed me an antibiotic and instructed me to finish all of the pills over the course of a ten day period. I began the antibiotic as soon as I got home from the clinic yesterday in hopes that I would miraculously experience relief today, but alas, my throat still feels as though it is coated in razor blades.

I have had Strep Throat before, but I forgot how insanely painful it is. No matter how much Advil you consume (if you can even swallow it), the pain does not diminish.

I looked up some at-home remedies for Strep Throat, and came across a few I am willing to try if I fail to experience relief by tomorrow. Some included gargling a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar, gargling salt water, sleeping with a diffuser to prevent your throat from drying out, and simply staying hydrated with hot and/or cold beverages.

As of now, I am quite content laying on the couch bundled beneath blankets and sweat. Hopefully tomorrow bring a better day.

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