Tractor Pulling

With the summer season of tractor pulling rapidly approaching, I figured it would be appropriate to dedicate a blog post to the motorsport. My dad and his good friend designed and built their very own pulling tractor from scratch, and last year was my dad’s debut season as driver. He did exceptionally well considering it was his very first time ever competing in tractor pulling, and at his final meet had two full pulls, meaning he made it to the designated finish line of the pulling track. The photo posted alongside this post is actually of my dad in his own tractor competing at his very first pull last year. This year, my dad and Mike have high hopes in regards to their outcome at the pulls, and I think it is really admirable to witness the hard work and dedication they put towards the tractor.

According to, tractor pulling may be defined as ‘the world’s heaviest motorsport.’ The objective of tractor pulling is to unveil the most powerful machine and the most skilled driver in a competition. The biggest difference that sets tractor pulling apart from other motorsports is that speed is not the main component of the sport, but instead the distance accomplished by the tractor during the pull. A standard pulling track is typically thirty feet wide by three hundred and twenty feet long, and is usually composed of dirt. The sport involves modified tractors that haul a metal sled down the pulling track, such sled containing a tremendous amount of weight. The tractor that pulls the sled the greatest distance without losing momentum or control before the finish line, or the full pull mark, is deemed the winner of the pull.


Pullers can strongly resemble traditional farm tractors, but they are far from traditional. Pulling tractors are built around horsepower and modified engines, meaning the power they contain is insane (think upwards of 700 horsepower). There are numerous different classes in pulling competitions because there are various types of pulling tractors, but my dad’s tractor specifically is recognized as a modified mini puller.

If you have yet to visit a tractor pull, check it out sometime. Be sure to have some ear plugs on hand, because it is loud, but it’s a fun experience and something you have to see in your life.

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