3 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Dieting

Dieting is something that has always received tremendous recognition in today’s society. We are constantly bombarded with new and foreign diets and dieting trends, meaning it can be easy to fall into the seemingly alluring grasp of food restriction.

In my personal opinion, unless you are instructed by your physician to follow a specific diet regime, you should not diet. My reasoning for this is as follows, and all reasoning is opinion-based:

(1) Dieting can be dangerous. While this may seem blatantly obvious on a surface level, a lot of individuals can be unaware of the implications diets can cause. When you first begin a diet, you are likely to be dedicated and incredibly strict in regards to what the diet states as regulations, though after a while it is possible to become more and more intense about such restrictions, which can lead to eating disorders. Strict diets are risky, so always be cautious and educate yourself about a diet plan before beginning it.

(2) Dieting is temporary. As I just discussed, when a person first begins a diet, it is probable that they are going to be entirely dedicated to staying on track and abiding by the diet. However, over time it becomes apparent that permanently adhering to a diets’ regulations is incredibly difficult, meaning people give up and often times end up back at square one. Consuming foods that agree with your body and mind are better for you as a whole, as well as a consistent food plan as opposed to yoyo dieting.

(3) Dieting can be angering. A lot of individuals discover that being on a diet for an extended duration of time can be irritating and frustrating. Once a persons’ frustration reaches a peak, they are likely to binge eat, which causes more frustration, and leaves them feeling angry and overwhelmed. It is safer to eat foods in moderation, and to follow what your body tell you.

Again, these reasons are opinion-based. Be sure to talk with your physician before beginning any new food/exercise regime, and listen to your body.

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