Summer Hair Care

Alongside the arrival of warmer weather comes stronger sun rays and furthermore  humidity, two forces of nature that do not get along well with hair. Since I have started working for my dad on the farm the summer, I have noticed that the ends of my hair have become incredibly dry and straw-like, and that my hair contains a lot more breakage than it did several months ago.

The effect warmer can have on your hair is unfortunate, though it is also arguably inevitable. If you live in a climate where there are cold winters and hot summers (ahem, Canada), the havoc that climate change can have upon your hair begins to become apparent over time. I myself find that when my ends look particularly dry, I use hot styling tools as a means to correct their appearance, a method that ends up damaging the hair even more.

It can be difficult to determine what exactly to do to maintain healthy hair throughout the summer months. According to, one way to protect your locks from the sun’s rays is to wear a hat. Granted, this may be difficult for individuals with longer hair, but for those with shorter hair this trick could save your hair a lot of damage. The hat acts as a barrier between your scalp and the suns rays, meaning the harsh heat from the sun is unable to penetrate the hat and damage your hair. Plus, hats are great for windy days, so it’s a double win.

The website also recommends to cut down your use of hot styling tools when the sun is hotter than usual, and to also refrain from washing your hair daily, an activity that actually strips the natural moisture levels from your hair.

One thing I have found to help my hair is to refrain from wearing it up in tight styles. The elastic used to hold your hair up causes extra friction against the shafts of hair, which is what often causes breakage. Try to wear your hair in loose styles, or down when possible, and your scalp relax a little.

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