Manipulative Media

I learned today that Jennifer Aniston had to deny that she is pregnant with her first child after images surfaced of her in a swimsuit on a Bahamas beach.

While attending a private and secluded getaway with her husband, Justin Theroux, it is arguable that Aniston was not aware of the ridiculous accusations she would be faced with for simply wearing a bikini on vacation.

The photos captured of Aniston in such bathing suit conveniently depict her in positions and angles that apparently encouraged the tabloids to claim that she is expecting a baby, and that she is sporting a visible ‘baby bump’.

The photos are as follows:

I would like to acknowledge that by no means does Aniston look as though she is expecting a child, nor is it necessary for the tabloids to be so inaccurate in their assumptions of her. Not only do they falsely claim she is pregnant, which Aniston recently denied herself, but they make vast claims on the front cover of their magazine such as how becoming pregnant saved her marriage with her husband, and furthermore how her apparent child is a miracle at her age.

I often consider how difficult the lives of celebrities must be in regards to constant publicity. Yes, I realize that they were likely conscious of the media attention they would be receiving prior to beginning their public careers, but being aware of such attention does not alter how unjust their situations can be. A woman is apparently unable to enjoy a vacation with her husband and wear a bathing suit without being globally advertised as pregnant. I cannot imagine how detrimental inaccurate media claims can be to the confidence of a celebrity, specifically their comprehensions of their own bodies in this particular instance.

Media is an incredibly manipulative and persuasive force, and it can be far to easy to believe everything it tells the public.


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