Racism Towards Offshore Workers

As a result of the vast farming operation my parents and aunt and uncle operate, their business requests for ten migrant workers to come from Mexico each year in order to assist with the work duties affiliated with the farm. We have four men arrive in April, with the remaining six men arriving in June. Our workers stay with us throughout the duration of the summer/early Fall months, and then return back home to Mexico for the Winter season.

My family and I frequently encounter racism issued towards our migrant workers when we take them out to public destinations. Just this morning, my sister brought four of our workers to the bank, and she was forced to endure derogatory and degrading comments made by a male in the bank regarding her company. Such male was complaining that migrant workers have privilege over Canadian citizens, and how it was unjust that our migrant workers were served before him in the bank, despite my mother calling ahead and booking an appointment with the bank staff.

It is incredibly angering to have to witness the racial slurs and judgment directed towards our workers, and furthermore all migrant workers, while they are here in Canada. One complaint that is made more often than others is that these migrant workers are claiming work from Canadian citizens, and taking jobs from them.

This accusation is incredibly untrue, and furthermore inaccurate.

The reasoning behind the business hiring migrant workers to fulfill farm tasks and duties is a result of being unable to find individuals here in Canada who are willing to do farm work. Every year, my mother places an advertisement in multiple newspapers, explaining the type of work needed to be performed on the farm. Not once have we ever received an inquiry from a local person to come and work.

The workers we hire from Mexico each year are extremely hard working, and are willing and wanting to do agricultural work. If all persons possessed the work ethic these men do, the world would be a tremendous place. This is not the case, however, hence why migrant workers on farms are needed.

Educate yourself before you claim to know something you do not.

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