Gluten Free Beer

Being an individual who is unable to consume gluten in foods is hard enough, but it becomes even harder when the realization is made that most beers are crafted with gluten.

I personally did not comprehend that I would be unable to drink beer anymore after being informed of my gluten intolerance – it was actually my mom who pointed it out to me, and I was rather displeased when she did. I have always enjoyed beer, and it is my alcoholic beverage of choice.

Well, it was my alcoholic beverage of choice prior to learning I am intolerant to gluten.

There was an article in our local newspaper not too long ago that discussed several brands of gluten-free beers available for consumption in most liquor stores. I was thrilled when I saw it, so I immediately began to do my research. I ended up purchasing a gluten-free beer named Daura Damm, and it did not disappoint. It genuinely tastes like traditional beer, as opposed to cardboard as I was expecting, and the price is not outrageous, either.

This Daura Damm beer, manufactured by Estrella, is brewed meticulously to ensure that all sources of gluten are removed. The packaging does warn that the company cannot guarantee that the beer is 100% gluten-free, but the beer is brewed in a manner to ensure the gluten levels in it remain below 6ppm, which is less than one third of the international criteria for gluten-free certification.

Daura Damm claimed the title of world’s best gluten-free beer and the World Beer Awards in 2008 and furthermore in 2009, so if you are intolerant or allergic to gluten, just as I am, I highly recommend giving this brew a try. My Dad even liked it, and has no sensitivity to gluten.

I purchased by six bottle of Daura Damm at the beer store – if you see it there give it a taste!



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