Honey and its Numerous Benefits

A while back, I composed a post addressing facial exfoliation and how often one should exfoliate. I still exfoliate the same amount I did when I wrote such post, but my actual exfoliant has changed because I discovered that a facial scrub I had been using contained Talc, a highly comedogenic ingredient (cough, Mask of Magnanimity from LUSH, cough). I was breaking out, so I did some research in hopes of finding a facial scrub that would not irritate my skin. Honey was mentioned numerous times as a highly beneficial product for the skin, so I mixed some liquid raw honey with some brown sugar, and voila! I had created myself a significantly cheaper and healthier face scrub in comparison to the one I was using.

After learning of the benefits honey provides for the skin, I dove deeper into the factual benefits of honey in order to learn more about what it had to offer the human body. According to a website on realfoodforlife.com, honey provides aid to a lot more than skin. Honey has been recognized as a power food that contains antioxidants that have been linked to reducing the progression of specific types of cancerous cells in the body, and it has also been recognized as a treatment to fight ulcers and gastrointestinal disorders. It is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and it has the ability to soothe an irritated throat or cough. It aids in maintaining blood sugar, contains healthy probiotics, and it can even help heal wounds and burns as a result of its drying effect of its simple sugars and natural antibacterial properties.

In regards to skin, it acts as a natural moisturizer which fails to irritate a majority of sensitive skin, and its anti-bacterial properties allow for it to act as a gentle disinfectant to blemishes and weepy pimples.

In summation, honey is essentially liquid gold. It tastes delightful, it works countless wonders, and it is easily accessible. Pick yourself up some raw, unpasteurized honey, and do some research for the many uses you can make of it!



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