The Importance of Preventative Foot Care

For the longest time, my feet were causing me discomfort. I have been told that I am a heavy walker, meaning I place a vast majority of my body weight into my step when I walk, but I failed to think anything of it. Over a period of time, the bottoms of my feet, specifically my heels and the balls of my feet, were beginning to give me quite a tremendous amount of pain, and the skin was becoming quite hard.

My mom and sister had been going to to a podiatrist in Brantford, and they recommended that I go myself. The name of the clinic we now all attend is PS Foot Care Clinic in Brantford, Ontario, located on Charing Cross Street. This clinic is absolutely phenomenal, and the effective work the clinic does for feet in addition to their incredibly friendly and pleasant staff is unbeatable.

When I went into the clinic to have a foot consultation, I was told that my feet were hurting and that my skin was becoming so tough because of a callous build-up. I was also told that over time, the condition would steadily worsen. After my first visit to the clinic, I am booking appointments regularly, and I would highly recommend PS Foot Care Clinic to any individual seeking out excellent quality foot care.

According to an article on, there are three main reasons as to why you should ensure that you maintain proper care of your feet. Firstly, if your feet are in poor health or are causing you pain throughout physical activity, your quality of life is impacted. Your mobility becomes limited, and you are not able do tasks to your fullest potential with foot discomfort. Secondly, foot pain diminishes productivity, meaning it is essential to pay attention to the health of your feet in order to be as effective as possible in whatever tasks you are engaging in. Thirdly, foot pain and poor foot health hinders a person’s ability to be physically active, meaning exercise is often ruled out by individuals suffering from foot pain.

Pay attention to what your feet are telling you! If you notice foot pain, ingrown toenails or callouses, be sure to schedule a visit with a podiatrist to sort things out.


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