Who to Follow on Instagram

With Instagram arguably becoming the most popular social media website, I figured it would be suitable to write a blog post about the best Instagram accounts to follow, in my opinion. Granted, there are millions of individuals who make use of Instagram, meaning it can be quite overwhelming to determine just who you want to follow. Whether it be celebrities, fashion/makeup gurus, athletes or bloggers, there is undoubtedly something for anyone on Instagram.

One of my favourite accounts on Instagram that I actually just recently followed is @earthyandy. The account is operated by Andy, a woman living in Hawaii with her husband and two boys, and a majority of her posts depict her family’s vegan/plant-based diet. Her pictures are incredible, and she shares a lot of really wonderful recipes that are great for individuals who try to refrain from ingesting processed foods.

I do not follow a lot of celebrity accounts, because I find that a lot of the time such accounts are more of a means for a celebrity to endorse/advertise their work or the films/television shows they are involved with. However, @chrissyteigen is an exception to this finding of mine, and her account is hilarious and undeniably entertaining. She has a fantastic sense of humour, and she is quite ballsy in what she posts as she is not hesitant to express her honest thoughts and opinions in regards to something. If you like a good laugh, check out her account.

@fightforgrowth is another really great Instagram account to follow. The account is operated by a young woman named Sarah Ramadan who struggled with a serious eating disorder in her past, though recovered and is now a body-builder. To be given the opportunity to witness the incredible transformation Sarah underwent on her road to recovery is a true example of inspiration, and her daily posts fail to disappoint me.

What are your favourite Instagram accounts to follow? Comment below and let me know!

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