Film Review: Black Mass

The other evening, my boyfriend and I rented the film titled Black Mass. I glanced at the cover of the DVD, recognized Johnny Depp, and with no hesitation informed Blaine we were going to rent the movie.

I had no prior insight as to what the film was actually about, but as soon as we began to watch it, I knew I had picked a good movie.

Black Mass is a depiction of the life of Whitey Bulger, with Bulger’s life being a true story. Bugler was a widely acknowledged violent criminal in South Boston in the 1980s, though was also the brother of a state senator. The movie portrays Bulger’s life as he juggles between partaking in crime associated with the Italian Mafia in addition to becoming an FBI informant in order to prevent such Italian Mafia from intercepting his territory.

The film has an impressive cast, with actors and actresses such as Johnny Depp (Whitey Bulger), Benedict Cumberbatch (Billy Bulger), Dakota Johnson (Lindsey, Whitey’s love interest), Kevin Bacon (FBI Agent) and Joel Edgerton (John Connolly, Boston police officer) all playing prominent roles. The performance of such actors and actresses is genuinely phenomenal. I believe all actors/actresses chosen to portray their assigned characters did so flawlessly, and I would argue that the film is one of Depp’s best roles yet.

The film is quite gory and violent, considering it revolves around the theme of Mafia crime, but the dynamic present between the characters in the film is incredible. I was so enthralled in the film, I failed to notice that Blaine had fallen asleep beside me. Apparently I enjoyed the film more than he did.

I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who enjoys crime/drama films, but furthermore anyone who enjoys biographical films. Whitey Bulger’s story is fascinating, and the film is a captivating force that undoubtedly leaves you with a lasting impression.



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