I have never been a person who has had a particular interest for consuming alcohol. Of course I do enjoy an occasional beer once and a while over dinner, or a couple at a social gathering, but becoming intoxicated just fails to appeal to me.

I don’t feel as though there is anything wrong with drinking alcohol. For a lot of persons, consuming alcoholic beverages is a main component of their social lives, which is entirely understandable in my opinion. I personally do not enjoy becoming intoxicated or being around individuals who are obsessively intoxicated, and my reasoning is a result of multiple negative experiences in my own life.

What perterbs me the most about alcohol is how it possesses the ability to completely alter a persons sense of being. Alcohol holds the power to transform an individual into something or someone they are not, which I find alarming. I strongly believe that moderation is key in regards to drinking alcohol, though some persons have difficulty establishing a personal limit when they acknowledge they have consumed too much.

I am not a person who enjoys the inability to have control over my own thoughts and actions, which is a tremendous component within my reasoning as to why I typically refrain from drinking. I feel the same way about drugs. Again, I have zero judgment towards people who experiment with either, however it is not for me.

Perhaps my way of thinking is old fashioned, but I find myself questioning why individuals seem to believe that drinking alcohol is a prerequisite to have fun. I believe good company and a positive atmosphere have greater weight than alcohol when it comes to having an enjoyable experience, and I try to encourage others to see my perspective from time to time.

Alcohol is a means to temporarily escape from reality, though reality will always be waiting for you when you are sober once again. If you’re unhappy with something in your life, try changing it without relying on alcohol. You may surprise yourself.

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