Forgiveness is a tricky thing. We are told throughout our lives that forgiveness is essential in order to move forward in relationships with various persons, but we also learn ourselves that forgiveness can be an incredibly difficult thing to grasp.

I believe it is arguable that a majority of persons have been involved in a circumstance in which they were forced to make a decision between forgiving someone, or simply ridding them from their lives. At a brief glance, removing the individual from your life seems like the easiest option. You are able to simply discard the presence of such person from your everyday living, and it seems as though you have unveiled a solution to the issue. However, as time progresses, it become apparent that not all persons are able to simply remove a person from their life without experiencing feelings of guilt or regret, so they begin to doubt their decision.

I personally feel as though forgiveness is so difficult at times because it is an indication of letting go and moving forward. It is human nature to become comfortable and devoted to an equilibrium, so when such equilibrium is disrupted, we automatically reject the disturbance in order to maintain feelings of comfort.

At the same time, however, failure to experience a disruption in feelings of comfort can be just as detrimental to a persons quality of life as being hurt by someone. It is crucial to acknowledge that when we are hurt by someone and we are presented with the option to either forgive them or to forget them, we are tempted to forget. What takes true strength and compassion, however, is possessing the ability to forgive, and to allow your comfort zone to be disturbed in order to make room for a greater good.

Forgiveness is difficult, but it is not impossible.

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