Building Work Ethic

I strongly believe hard and developed work ethic is becoming a thing of previous eras. At the rate society is progressing, with more and more of a focus on social media and internet-based jobs, hard work is becoming something that only our parents and grandparents can recall doing.

When I explain to persons that I live and work on a tobacco, ginseng, poultry and cash-crop farm, one of the most typical responses I receive is ‘that must be hard work’. To be honest, when I hear this I think to myself ‘well, yeah’. Farming and agriculture is an occupational industry that demands nothing less of hard work. A majority of farm work is physical and exerting, so if hard work ethic fails to be something you possess, it is probable that working on a farm is not intended for you.

I do believe, however, that agricultural work is one of the best ways to develop hard work ethic and skills. When you are forced into a position or a duty that requires hard work, for example farm work, it is incredibly difficult to try and find a short cut in order to complete a task. When you try and half-ass farm work, things typically do not work out, and you end up making a mess because things were not executed in the manner intended.

If there is one thing that working on a farm has taught me, it is that being lazy/giving up on a job is unacceptable. This lackadaisical attitude is simply not compatible with agricultural work, and I learned quickly that when you start a task, you finish it. Requiring help or assistance is necessary is most circumstances, but walking away is not.

I strongly believe if anyone is presented with the opportunity to perform work on a farm to  do so. It is an excellent means to build work skills, and it will likely aid you throughout various different jobs within the course of your life.

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