10 Things I Cannot Live Without

I typically blog about topics that are prominent in the media or in society, so I figured that for today’s post I would write something a little more personal. It is difficult coming up with topics to blog about everyday, so after a Google search, I came across the prompt to compose a post regarding ten things I am unable to live without.

This is a rather vague prompt, considering there are certainly more than ten things I require to function in my everyday living, but I suppose the purpose of the prompt is to force you to narrow in on the things that are most significant to you in your life.

So, as follows are ten things I cannot live without:

(1) My family. I cannot fathom my life without the presence of my mom, dad and sister, considering they are the most influential individuals in my life, so I would definitely need them.

(2) My boyfriend. Corny, I know, but visualizing my life without Blaine is a rather bleak image.

(3) My critters. I’m not sure if this is sort of defeating the purpose of this prompt, but when I say my critters, I am referring to all of them – Sam and Jake, my two dogs, and Lionel, Gemma, Milo, Otis, Maurice and Peaches, my cats. I just really like animals.

(3) Makeup. To be slightly vulnerable with my readers, I am an incredibly insecure person when I am not wearing makeup. Whether this is a good or a bad thing, makeup gives me the confidence I require to go out and live my life, so I would definitely need access to it.

(4) A vehicle. I rely on my truck for considerably more than I acknowledge, and it would be very difficult to be able to carry out daily necessities where I live without access to a vehicle.

(5) Love. Again, corny, but if a person is forced to live their life without any affiliation with love, life would be incredibly dark.

(6) Fruit. I eat a tremendous amount of fruit, so I need it to live, 100%.

(7) Books. I could definitely go without television in my life, but books are something I am unable to fathom sacrificing.

(8) Friends. I believe this one speaks for itself – life without friends is a pretty lonely life.

(9) Coffee.

(10) Happiness.

Try out this prompt yourself when you have a spare moment in time. It is a great way to better understand who you are as a person.

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