Being an individual who struggles with anxiety, I figured it would be appropriate to compose a post about this type of mental illness from a personal perspective.

I believe that all persons who live and deal with anxiety do so differently. What I mean by this is that I feel as though it is arguable that anxiety impacts people differently; what may be a trigger for one person may not be a trigger for another.

To describe anxiety in my own words and from my own experiences, it is sort of like having a voice in the back of your mind that encourages you to doubt yourself. It creates sensations of unease, guilt, discomfort and doubt, and it can be incredibly powerful. It urges you to be pessimistic about situations that are seemingly normal, and tempts you to see a circumstance from an incredibly negative angle.

It is bothersome that some people do not take anxiety seriously. I have encountered a lot of individuals that have told me that anxiety is simple to overcome, and that in order to deal with it I should just worry less.

As appealing as this advice sounds, it simply is not that easy.

I personally take medication to help me cope with my anxiety, and although a lot of people disagree with relying on medication to aid with anxiety, I k one that I would be a very different person without it. The medication I take allows me to live life in a more realistic manner, meaning it ensures that I can carry out tasks of everyday living without becoming panicked or stressed in the process.

Anxiety can be an incredibly tough thing to cope with, depending on the severity of it. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that it is not more powerful than you or your sense of being, and this concept is what allows me to suppress anxious thoughts when I begin to encounter them.

Mental illness is tough, but is does not embody who you are.

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