Restaurant Review: Crabby Joe’s

I often feel as though chain restaurants encounter poor reception from consumers because it is assumed that their menu selection is traditional and fails to offer nothing new or refreshing.

While it is easy to make this assumption about chain restaurants, it is important to keep in mind that not all brand name eateries are painted with the same brush.

Take Crabby Joe’s, for example. At a first glance, it is probable that one would fail to consider that this restaurant has a diverse menu, but unless you grant yourself the opportunity to go into the restaurant and sample the food, such a diverse menu would go unnoticed.

My boyfriend and I went to Crabby Joe’s quite a while ago because neither of us had been. When we went for the first time, I had just found out about my food intolerances, so I was feeling rather discouraged about eating out because restaurants that offer gluten and dairy free menu options are limited. To my utmost surprise, the back page of their menu featured five or six gluten free options that were all under 600 calories. Not all of the dishes were dairy free, but a simple request to have any dairy products removed from your entree was not an issue.

I typically order the pasta primavera, which is composed of rice noodles and a garlic aoli. It is tossed with fresh and seasonal vegetables and is absolutely delicious. I have also tried their sweet chilli haddock wth Thai slaw, and it is also excellent.

The prices are reasonable, and the staff at the Brantford location is incredibly pleasant and welcoming. I have yet to be served by anyone who is not professional and respectful of my dietary restrictions, and I doubt I will.

If youre in Brantford looking for a new place to eat, be sure to try Crabby Joe’s. I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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