The concept of patience has always been something I have struggled with.

Throughout my childhood, my parents would constantly remind me to be or to to have patience, and it was never something I could totally comprehend. I have always been an impatient person, and although I do believe I have improved over time, I am conscious that it is still something I need to improve upon.

Individuals who seemingly have patience come to them naturally certainly make me envious, but I also respect them tremendously. Patience is a life skill I believe all persons should possess in order to be efficient in real-life situations and scenarios, specifically in the work place.

Think about it. When you first begin a foreign job or task, and you are struggling to make sense of it, your confidence is likely not going to be boosted if your boss is losing their temper or sense of calm when you make errors. When you acknowledge that someone you are interacting with possesses patience, you feel more at ease and comfortable because you recognize you will not be scrutinized for making mistakes at first.

A farm environment is definitely an atmosphere that requires patience from all perspectives. I have to be patient with my dad, and he has to be patient with me. If he shows me a new task and I fail to understand it immediately, he knows that getting angry with me will not allow me to excel in doing such task. Instead, he takes his time explaining things to me and ensures I understand what he is asking me to do thoroughly in order to avoid future mistakes. If future mistakes do happen (which they often do), he uses the same patient tactics in order to show me what exactly I did wrong and what allowed for an error to occur.

Being patient can be challenging, but it is rewarding more times that it is difficult. Try your best to be patient, and others will show you with the same respect.

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