Letting Go

There are plenty of Internet quotes that describe in one way or another the importance of freeing yourself from angry thoughts and emotions by letting go.

I could list some for you, though I’m sure you have stumbled across a significant amount of them on your own.

Despite such quotes and the concept of letting go seeming cliche or even too emphasized, it really is a crucial component of our being.

In my recent post discussing anxiety, I draw attention to how my personal experiences with anxiety causes me to feel worrisome and guilty quite frequently. I tend to dwell on past mistakes I have made or even negative situations I have been involved in, and by doing so I only elevate the severity of my anxiety as opposed to attempting to reduce it, which seems far more logical in a broader spectrum.

It fails to be a simple task for me, but when I catch myself dwelling on moments of my life that have passed that fail to provide me comfort and reassurance, and instead cause me stress, I try immensely hard to simply forget about whatever circumstance I am dwelling upon. I try to remind myself to think rationally, and to acknowledge that fact that no amount of worrying can change or alter the last. What happened is what happened, what occurred is what occurred. It is impossible to reverse or change, so there is no reasoning behind wasting energy in order to re-live a situation that causes you anxiety.

Perhaps I am making this tactic sound excessively simple, and I apologize if I am because it is anything but simple. It takes a lot of conscious effort and mental recognition, but in time allowing the past to remain in the past will come more naturally.

If you find yourself struggling with this concept, try to remind yourself of the cliche saying that our eyes are intended to look forward, not backward. It works for me.

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