The Importance of Buying Local

At a first glance, my positive opinion in regards to shopping local may seem biased considering I live on a farm. While growing up in an agricultural environment has arguably influenced my opinion on this topic, I feel as though I would support the idea of buying and shopping local regardless of my rural background.

The concept of consumerism is nothing new to most individuals, and the havoc that mass corporations can wreak upon small businesses is not a foreign realization either. It is common sense that big box industries fully possess the capability to put small business owners and their companies out of business, yet we still continue to purchase products from such stores because prices tend to be cheaper.

I acknowledge that my urging to buy local is not realistic for all persons and families because of cost issues. A person or family who fails to have a lot of wiggle room financially will undoubtedly be attracted to purchasing items and food from brand name stores who offer lower prices than small businesses. This reasoning is logical, and it is difficult to argue against supporting mass corporations when financial limitations come into context. However, I am urging individuals who can afford to shop locally to do so, because failure to support local entrepreneurs is detrimental to not only them, but furthermore local economy and income.

Being located in a rural environment makes purchasing and buying local more accessible in my own opinion. When you are situated in an area where there is a lot of farms, there tends to be an abundance of fruit and vegetable stands and farmers markets that may not be as apparent in urban locations. That being said, it is still possible to support small business owners when shopping in, for example, brand name grocery stores, considering a majority of them offer produce from local farms.

Try and support local growers and businesses as often as possible – their success is just as relevant to you as it is to them.

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