I have attended two weddings this year thus far, one yesterday and one last weekend. I have been invited to attend two more this October, and with being present at several ceremonies celebrations of love this year, I deemed it appropriate to dedicate a blog post to the topic of weddings.

I have always enjoyed attending weddings, and I look forward to (hopefully) planning my own wedding one day. While they require a tremendous amount of work, organization and effort, the final product of such dedication is truly remarkable and thoroughly enjoyable to witness.

I feel as though the reason why I enjoy weddings as much as I do is simply a result of being able to witness the undeniable love two persons sustain for one another. A wedding allows for a bride and groom to be totally and entirely honest in their raw emotion and passion for each other, and I believe it is a privilege to be a witness to such a marvellous celebration.

Another reason why I enjoy being an attendee to weddings is being able to observe the happiness and joy of the parents of the individuals getting married. I particularly enjoy witnessing the dance shared between the bride and her father, as well as the groom and his mother. These dances are immensely emotional and brimming with love as well as gratitude, and it allows for me to look forward to such a moment in my own life one day.

There are numerous elements of weddings I enjoy, for example seeing the bride for the first time in her gown, watching the expression of the groom as he sees his bride for the first time, the first dance between husband and wife, and listening to speeches delivered from people who are significant components in the lives of the newlyweds. All of these moments tend to be very genuine and emotional, and I feel grateful to be able to witness them.

Weddings are a rather special celebration, and I hope all persons are presented with the opportunity to attend one, have one of their own, or both. Cheers to wedding season!


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