Film Review: Miracle

Blaine and I watched the film titled Miracle on the weekend. Blaine chose the film because he had seen it before, and I trust his judgment as to whether or not a film is worth watching again.

Obviously, Blaine decided it was worth watching again, so I complied with his selection and we watched Miracle.

The film depicts the inspirational and true story of the United State’s Ice Hockey Team and their journey throughout playing within the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics. The coach of the team, Herb Brooks, composes his team from a selection of college men, and forces them to undergo rigorous mental and physical training. At times, Brooks’ coaching methods seem far too severe and unnecessary, but as the film progresses, his diligence in regards to training becomes apparent when the team wins the gold medal at the Olympics and beating out the Soviet Union in the final game, the best mens hockey team in the world at the time.

The film, released in 2004, earned $19,377,577.00 its opening weekend in theatres and earned a total gross value of $64,371,181.00.

Herb Brooks is played by Kurt Russell, and I find it difficult to fathom any other individual playing the role. Russell is a phenomenal actor in any role he takes on, though in Miracle he is truly outstanding. His acting is genuine and believable, and the emotion he exudes towards his players in addition to his passion is undeniable. Throughout the progression of the film, it is revealed that the reasoning behind Brooks’ intense training methods is a result of him losing his position on the men’s Olympic Hockey Team when he was younger. He uses his frustration and disappointment with such circumstance to push his players to the limit, ultimately ensuring they are victorious in the process.

If you have not yet seen Miracle, please do. It is truly inspirational and motivational, and arguably relates to all persons in one way or another.



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