The Rise of Mental Illness in Ontario Teenagers

An article posted on The Globe and Mail website by Erin Anderssen discusses the elevation of mental illness conditions existing amongst teenagers in Ontario.

According to a vast study that has been analyzing teenagers/students in Ontario for the past twenty years, occurrences of depression and anxiety are becoming more apparent in such individuals. One-third of the teenagers/students observed within the survey were diagnosed with moderate to severe symptoms of psychological issues which is arguably a disturbing finding, considering only one-quarter of students met the same criteria two years earlier.

I personally feel as though the incline of mental illness in students and teenagers is alarming, though not surprising. I say this because of the way society has shaped and influenced young adults in recent years. Teenagers in today’s society are surrounded by and consumed by social media, technology and the pressure to adhere to such concepts, and it is arguable that a resistance to such concepts causes a person to feel isolated and overwhelmed, thus leading to the possible development of anxiety or depression.

I also believe that the educational system in today’s society is a tremendous factor in the rise of mental illness in teenagers and students in Ontario. High school can be difficult, specifically in regards to being socially accepted, and such difficulty also exists for many persons in college and university environments. Combine this with the difficulty of academics in educational institutions, and it becomes clear as to why mental illness is rising in young individuals in Ontario.

Althought I fail to have a solution to this issue, I believe my arguments are valid and are furthermore realistic. I believe more awareness needs to be generated which addresses the struggles young persons are having to face in today’s society as opposed to scrutinizing all young persons and writing them off as immature or incapable of handling stress, which is unfortunately a common stereotype. Young individuals need assistance now more than ever, and informing people of this type of subject matter is crucial in order to resolve the issue.

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