Media Retouching

An article posted on by Elizabeth Denton caught my eye today. Titled “Anonymous Retoucher Reveals the Crazy Way Victoria’s Secret Models Are Allegedly Altered,” the article depicts an interview with an unnamed individual who once retouched and altered the bodies within advertisements of women who model for Victoria Secret.

This anonymous individual disclosed information in regards to the various ways in which Victoria Secret alters the images of its models in advertisements. Some of the ways the bodies of these women are changed include having them wear hair extensions, having them wear padded bras beneath their bathing suits, enhancing and enlarging the typical ‘A’ cup sized breasts the models possess, extreme retouching and the manipulation of light and camera angles in order to ensure models appear slimmer, taller and more visually appealing overall.

It is findings such as these that truly sadden me. They encourage me to recognize the tremendous detriments the modelling industry can have on young girls and women, and the ways in which the industry’s lies and fabrications allow such women and girls to believe that what they are seeing in advertisements is authentic.

The article furthermore discussed how Victoria’s Secret hired curvy and athletic women to model their swimwear and lingerie, though quickly rejected the idea when they discovered that their sales had dropped. This finding is extremely alarming, considering the bodies of curvy and athletic females are far more realistic than what is being depicted to the public eye by these industries. Women are persuaded and manipulated into believing that the warped images they see in magazines and on billboards is a representation of a socially deemed ‘normal’ body type, and when the realization is made that they differ from this preposterous criteria, they begin to doubt themselves.

I feel as though this anonymous individual made a very powerful and positive decision by choosing to share the truth of this particular industry with the public. It is my hope that such a decision will unveil the truth to women and girls and allow them to see what is truly going on.

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