App Review: Sleep Cycle

I have already dedicated a prior post here ontheedgeofeverything to the importance of sleep, so I won’t get too far into detail of the concept once again – I don’t want to bore you. However, I wanted to post a review of a recent application I installed on my iPhone that emphasizes the significance of sleep, and how it differs for each person.

My sister recommended Sleep Cycle to me as she has been using the application for a while now. She recommended it to me because I am having extreme difficulty waking up in the morning. Not only do I struggle with waking up and actually removing my body from the depths of my bed, but I furthermore no longer wake up to the alarms I have set on my phone. I have three alarms set to wake me in the morning on my phone in addition to a very loud alarm clock I have situated across my room so I physically have to get up and turn it off. The alarm clock on the other side of my room wakes me, however I usually groggily trudge over to it, turn it off, and climb back into bed, oblivious to the three other alarms going off in my room like sirens.

Sleep Cycle differs from a traditional alarm clock in the sense that it relies on a thirty minute window to gently awaken you. It is arguable that a gentle alarm is not what I need in order to wake up in the morning, however I do believe this method is effective. It gradually builds in volume until it reaches the time you determined to wake up, and does so effectively.

The app also uses the phone in your microphone to track the levels of your sleeping patterns. Relying on sound, it depicts the time of night in which you are deepest asleep, which in my opinion is quite fascinating. It ignores all sounds except your own movement in your bed, and it can be used even if you sleep with another person.

The app is free, so if you’re like me and need something new and reliable to wake up on the morning, I recommend giving Sleep Cycle a try.

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