The Astronomical Price of Allergy-Conscious Food

Yesterday evening my mom and I went grocery shopping to stock up on some foods specifically for me and my dietary restrictions. It can be quite difficult to locate allergy-conscious foods in brandname grocery stores, so my mom and I went to a location in our city that specializes in such food.

It is no secret that dietary restrictions are a challenging component of grocery shopping, but they are furthermore challenging because of their ridiculous prices. My mom and I purchased two bags of groceries, and although I am not going to disclose the price of the bill in this post, it was far more than necessary.

It is extremely frustrating for me to witness corporate brands and companies taking advantage of individuals with dietary restrictions. These companies acknowledge that persons with food allergies must purchase grocery items that cater specifically to their needs, and in doing so they charge astronomical prices for such food because they recognize that there is no other option for these individuals.

How can anyone justify a box of gluten-free chocolate chip cookies costing eight dollars? How can it be considered adequate that a box of dairy and gluten-free granola bars costs seven dollars? Let alone a box of dairy and gluten-free faux macaroni and cheese offering a mere three servings within a box that retails for eight dollars.

I simply am unable to fathom how these corporate companies are able to charge such ludicrous prices for allergy-conscious food. This topic prompts me to consider families that perhaps have more than one person who has dietary restrictions, and the financial challenges they likely face for simply attempting to keep such person healthy and without issues.

It is barbaric that there seems to be a societal acceptance of the manipulation these companies sustain over the price of their products, and it is my hope that enough persons feel the same way I do and wish to advocate for improvement.

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