Brand Review: Cake Beauty

Approximately one year ago, my sister brought home a sample of a hand cream from a cosmetic brand titled Cake Beauty. She had no use for it, so she gave it try. The hand cream was absolutely phenomenal in regards to its scent, texture and effectiveness, though once I had used up the bottle I was unable to find products from the Cake Beauty cosmetic company anywhere.

I had almost entirely forgotten about Cake Beauty considering it was so difficult to locate until I came across it once again at The Generation Beauty Convention my sister and I attended in May. There was a Cake Beauty booth at the show, and through means of conversing with Heather Reier, the founder and CEO of Cake Beauty, I soon learned that Cake Beauty had developed an entirely new range of products from their line titled Delectable. I also learned that the name of the hand cream I had enjoyed so thoroughly was the Cake Beauty Heavy Cream Intensive Hand Repair Balm.

My sister somehow managed to come across yet another hand cream from Cake Beauty, though this particular cream is from the Delectable line. It is called the Delectable Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream, and it scented with lemon and cream. I tried it just today and fell in love once more, so I am confident that the Cake Beauty brand fails to disappoint with its products.

I visited their website to discover the full range of their offered products, and I learned that Cake Beauty produces hair care, body creams, fragrances, sugar scrubs and skin care. Heather Reier makes the following proclamation about her products on the Cake Beauty website: “Cake was founded in 2003 in my very own kitchen. My vision was to create a natural collection of products unlike anything on the market; a rare marriage of great sassy style, thoughtful innovation, and supreme quality. Cake girls are crazy about unique texture, to-die-for scents, and multi-purpose beauty offerings. And we want natural indulgence to be fun!My team and I are proud to deliver cruelty-free, Canadian-made, natural ingredient-driven products to our customers, and will always be committed to developing innovative, multi-purpose offerings for you to try and love. We are paraben-free, phthalate-free, and gluten-free.”

What more could you ask for? This brand is exceptional in its commitment to its consumers, and all of their products are available online. Check out the link if you’re interested: 

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