Writer’s Block

I have made a commitment to myself in regards to my blog, such commitment addressing the concept that I will post a blog entry every single day. When I first started out with ontheedgeofeverything back in March, I failed to have any difficulty with this commitment. I had countless ideas to write about, and it seemed as though that when I began to write about one topic, ideas about another would emerge into my mind.

This creative flow ceased, however, the more and more I began posting to my blog. As I continued to post and my blog progressed, I found it more and more challenging to develop a new and refreshing topic for the following day. I did some research about this obstacle and figured that by looking into blog post ideas I would overcome the challenges I was having in regards to generating creativity. A majority of the suggestions were unappealing to me personally, however, so I found myself back where I first began with my struggle – the looming and overwhelming task of determining blog posts with zero inspiration.

Writer’s block is difficult to address, and equally difficult to surpass. It comes without warning, just as it did in my situation, and as committed as you may be to unveiling a solution to the issue, it fails to always be so simple.

Through experience, I have determined that as opposed to fearing writer’s block, it is essential to not necessarily welcome it, but perhaps accept it. I believe it occurs for a reason, perhaps such reason being to push an individual to be a better writer – to be a more creative and inspired writer. Consider what I just did here, for example. Instead of allowing myself to succumb to the challenge of writer’s block, I chose to write a post about it. Clever, right?

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