The Toronto Blue Jays

As I write this post I am currently situated on the Go Train with Blaine as we head to Toronto for a Blue Jays baseball game. I am not a tremendous fan of baseball, however the game was Blaine’s birthday present, so I chose to stick it out for him.

When I say I am not a tremendous fan of baseball, I am making reference to viewing a game as opposed to physically playing the sport. I watch Blaine play baseball weekly, and I enjoy doing so because I know a majority of the individuals on the team. Watching a Major League Baseball game is entirely different, in my opinion, considering the games can go on for an extended duration of time.

This past summer I began playing baseball. Blaine plays in a men’s league as well as a coed league, and his coed team was in need of a female spare to list on their roster. I agreed to spare, and although I have only played a few games, playing baseball has been much more enjoyable for me than watching it.

One component of Major League Baseball games I do enjoy is the overwhelming sense of community that occurs within the stadium. I believe Canadians have an undeniable sense of pride and support for the Toronto Blue Jays, and being witness to such pride is rather mesmerizing. To sit within a stadium amongst thousands of people who all support one team is incredible, and the genuine pride Canadians have for the Jays is respectable and intriguing.

A component of Major League Baseball Games I fail to enjoy, however, is the ludicrous prices of food and beverages. This concept is not specific to baseball, and I understand it is an occurring theme amongst all professional sporting events, but it is ridiculous. I ensured I stocked up on snacks prior to leaving for the game.

I am hoping the Jays win today against Baltimore, and I’m sure it will be a good game.

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