3 Ways to Reduce Stress

It is arguable that stress is a prevalent force in the life of most persons. It seems inevitable that stress will occur periodically throughout a persons existence, and whether the cause of stress be work, family, friends or relationships, it can seem overwhelming at times.

As frustrating and looming as stress may seem, it is crucial to acknowledge that though avoiding stress entirely may be difficult, it is certainly possible to gain control over it and eventually diminish its presence. I have three main suggestions to aid in coping with stress that provide an opportunity to reduce its influence in an individual’s life.

(1) Develop and maintain organization skills. It seems simple, but organization is a key component in stress management. Ensuring you are organized in various sectors of your life will allow you to gain control over things that could potentially stress you out. Being on top of tasks and completing them in a timely fashion is a highly effective way to avoid feeling swamped, and ultimately less stressed.

(2) Talk to people. I personally find that when I am particularly stressed out over something, conversing with a friend or family member about it allows me to consider the source of stress from an alternate perspective. Often times the opinion of a different person encourages you to interpret things from an angle you otherwise wouldn’t, plus venting to someone about stress is an added bonus to relieving your tension.

(3) Reserve time for yourself. Deadlines and tasks may seem as though they need to be finished before you do anything beneficial for yourself, however allowing yourself to get run down and exhausted in the process of completing such tasks will only prompt more stress. Take at least half an hour every day to do something that makes you happy and allows you to relax. This period of relaxation will provide a chance for your mind and body to recharge and will allow you to feel more optimistic about the stressors in your life.

Stress is irritating and frustrating, but it does not have to be consuming. Try out my suggestions and see if they work for you!

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