Feminism: What Does it Really Mean?

I would argue that when a majority of persons hear the term ‘feminism’, they tend to cringe with discomfort. It is unfortunate that the concept of feminism has a considerably negative reputation in society today, and it is furthermore unfortunate that such a negative reputation exists simply due to a lack of an understanding of the topic.

For some unidentified reason, feminism prompts persons to fathom radical women who refuse to shave their bodies and who hate men.

This inaccurate interpretation could not be further from the truth of what feminism actually represents. Feminism is an incredibly simple concept – it is the belief that men and women should maintain equal rights in all aspects of society. That’s it. Feminism has nothing to do with male rejection or extremist behaviour, but I personally believe these types of stereotypes stem from male privilege in society.

Male hegemony, which is the prevalence of masculinity in a specific context, has existed in social hierarchies for years. Therefore, when female protestors chose to take a stand and fight for their rights, they were categorized as extremists because male privilege had been accepted in society for so long. Individuals were unfamiliar to the ideology of gender equality, meaning when it was suggested that men and women should be equal, it was considered an extremist movement.

It is absolutely essential to educate individuals of the truth that exists within the belief of feminism. It is not a hateful or oppressive perspective – it is simply choosing to advocate that men and women should possess equal rights and privileges in social institutions. Refusing to acknowledge the true meaning of feminism is dangerous, and it is a significant contributor to gender inequality that still exists within society today.

Feminism is not evil. Gender privilege is equal, and feminism offers a solution to such danger.

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