Internet Hate

If you were to visit the Instagram page of any well-known celebrity, it is probable that within the comments posted to their photos you will discover a multitude of crude language, harassment, and inappropriate remarks. Comments such as these are referred to as ‘hate’, and its occurrence seems to be growing with passing time.

I myself have never experienced any sort of Instagram hate, but I have encountered rude remarks on Twitter and Facebook in regards to some of my posts. When I do encounter any type of social media hate, I choose to ignore it to refrain from sparking a drawn-out feud, but for some individuals this simply is not an option. When you have a large number of followers on any social media platform, it is immensely difficult to simply ignore the hate being issued towards you or to block all persons speaking towards you inappropriately. I understand that when you are a celebrity or a highly recognized person you must be aware of hate being a possibility, but it does not mean that internet or cyber bullying is right or should be accepted.

I do not understand why social media users feel as though it is appropriate to bully others or harass them, and it is likely I never will. That being said, to wish for a world in which hate on the internet does not exist is highly unrealistic, and furthermore almost impossible to abolish. By no means am I suggesting that internet hate should be tolerated because there fails to be any apparent solution to the problem, but I struggle with conjuring a potential option that would decrease and ultimately end its presence. Apart from making social media accounts private and only allowing specific persons to follow or interact with you, there is unfortunately no true way around it.

Perhaps in the future some type of solution to internet hate will be determined, but until then I would suggest to remain indifferent to it and strive to look past it.

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