The Importance of Knowing How to Cook

This morning I asked my sister what I should blog about today. When I asked her, she was in the process of composing what smelled like a divine tomato soup, and she suggested that I blog about how essential it is to have some knowledge about cooking. It may seem like a rather obvious comprehension a person should possess, however I have encountered numerous individuals that do not know how to cook.

My sister is what I would categorize as a substantially gifted and advanced cook, and while I recognize that not all persons are able to cook like her, I believe having some familiarity with the basics of cooking is a crucial life skill all individuals should have. I myself can certainly cook, and my ability to cook is likely a result of my passion for culinary arts when I was younger. My sister and I alongside my cousins enrolled in a week-long cooking camp when we were early teenagers, and I believe such camp can be credited for my knowledge of cooking and baking.

Cooking truly is a life skill. It is a skill all persons require at some point in ther life, and failing to have an understanding of culinary skills and techniques could be tremendously detrimental to a persons sense of independence if they are ever in a situation in which they are living alone. Yes, a person could be fortunate enough to have someone else cooking for them, or a person could choose to eat out daily, but neither of these options is realistic, and the latter can become quite costly.

If you struggle with cooking, there are hundreds of resources that can aid you in gaining an understanding of the basics. Cookbooks, how-to guides, and online tutorials are all available to shed some insight on the skills required to cook, and such resources are highly accessible if you are interested in learning to cook.

As my mother has always said, if you can read, you can cook. Be confident and trust that you are capable of cooking, and you will likely surprise yourself.

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