“Simply Queen”

On Saturday evening my mom, dad and I attended a Queen tribute concert in Brantford. The band who performed call themselves Simply Queen, and considering I have been an avid listener of Queen music since I was in the eighth grade, my mom figured it would be beneficial to purchase some tickets.

The concert was a charity fundraiser for the Children’s Make A Wish Foundation, making our reasoning to support the show even stronger. The band was absolutely phenomenal, and despite some sound issues at the start of the concert, I thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

Simply Queen performed all of Queen’s major hits, including highly recognized songs such as Fat Bottomed Girls, We Will Rock You, Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are The Champions and Crazy Little Thing Called Love. They also performed numerous hits by Queen that I was not familiar with prior to attending the show, so it was not only an enjoyable evening but also an opportunity to deepen my Queen knowledge.

The musicians affiliated with Simply Queen were extraordinarily talented. The lead singer, Rick Rock, was definitely vocally talented, and although no persons voice can quite match Freddie Mercury’s, he was rather impressive. The lead guitarist was actually selected by Brian May (original Queen guitarist) to play guitar in the Broadway production of We Will Rock You, and he played electric guitar as well as several acoustic pieces. The drummer and bassist were outstanding in regards to their instruments alongside the keyboard operator, and all members of the band also sang back-up vocals which resulted in a solid harmony.

Simply Queen was the second Queen tribute band I have gone to see in concert, and they were certainly the best so far. If they are ever performing in your area and you are a Queen fan (which really, who isn’t), I absolutely recommend going to see them perform.

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