The Temporality of Apple Products

It seems as though everywhere I turn lately there is some type of news regarding the new iPhone 7. I currently possess the iPhone 6, and considering I have had no issues with such phone, I am hoping to refraining from purchasing the iPhone 7 for as long as possible. However, being familiar with Apple products and they way in which they manufacture new and upcoming merchandise, chances are I will eventually have to end up purchasing a new iPhone as well as a majority of other iPhone users.

As much as I enjoy Apple products, I do find it bothersome that they compose their merchandise in a way that ensures use of a product will be no more than temporary. It seems as though as soon as a variation of an iPhone or Mac becomes available, supplies intended for older versions of a product become almost impossible to locate and purchase, meaning you are essentially forced to purchase a new phone or laptop when you begin encountering issues with your own as opposed to seeking out a solution to solve such issues. Apple functions in a ‘here and now’ manner, and while their approach to marketing is tremendously successful, I would argue that a significant amount of individuals would agree with me when I state that Apple does not take into consideration older variations of their merchandise.

Consider the iPhone 7, for example. This particular version of the iPhone is under current development, and it features a water-resistant exterior, two cameras of better quality than the leading iPhone 6, a 256 GB capacity, and no headphone jack. I believe as soon as this iPhone is released and made available for purchase, the iPhone 6, which received a tremendous amount of hype when it was released, will soon be forgotten. I find it kind of sad that the society in which we live is so obsessed with materialism and seems to be focused solely on what is up and coming. Technology is a wonderful thing, but it is also dangerous, and I struggle to fathom what exactly the iPhone 8 will offer.

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